Holland Lop Rabbits (Kelinci Jenis Holland Lop) average will experience growth in the age of 6 weeks to 12 weeks. At that time, Holland Lop rabbit ugly appearance, thin is not balanced (unbalance). It was only at the age of 4 months to 6 months will seem totally Holland Lop Rabbit. However, the growth period is also vary, depending on line its genes. There is even a new one visible appearance (phenotype) until the age of 1 year. So at the age of 6 weeks to 12 weeks would be difficult Holland Lop rabbits for evaluation. Holland Lop usually at the age of 6 months Earnya not grow and age to 2 years where the head is still experiencing growth and at that age it will seem Holland Lop Rabbit whether the balance or not. Below is a Holland Lop rabbit sable color in the junior age Riponti Rabbitry.

hollander Holand lop